”The Hub” av Danske Bank skriver om MyPick

The Hub

The Hub, som drivs av Danske Bank, är Nordens största plattform för entreprenörer och startups. I deras senaste utskick som når tusentals entreprenörer och investerare så var MyPick under luppen i deras segment ”Founder Temperature Check”. Läs intervjun i sin helhet nedan.

”Today we are checking in with Meybod and Hani from MyPick. A digital marketplace that empowers healthcare providers and personnel to get in touch directly to discuss employment possibilities.

The MyPick team has been recognized several times for their contribution and innovative solutions focused on Social Impact by companies such as PWC (Winner of PwC Business Challenge 2020), Norrsken Foundation (Top 100 social impact startups in the Nordics 2019), and Sweden’s Financial Times (Dagens Industri) and Medicine (Dagens Medicin) (Finalist Health Tech Pitch Day 2020).

I hope they will inspire you as much as they did me. Go for it guys:

What’s the hardest problem you are working on these days?
WHO estimates that there will be a shortage of 18 million healthcare personnel by 2030. That’s bad news. All the while doctors and nurses are leaving the profession due to increased workload and decreased autonomy. That’s REALLY bad news!

In a survey by The Physician Association, 49% of doctors responded that they would not recommend medicine as a career for their children. Luckily this negative spiral has been somewhat slowed down through the gig-economy where doctors or nurses now have a fighting chance to find a more sustainable work-life balance.

Unfortunately, the lack of sustainable alternatives forces clinics and healthcare personnel to turn to a very costly and fragmented pool of semi-serious staffing agencies which have the sole focus of making as much money as possible instead of helping their clients reach a good sustainable choice when choosing employees or employers. And that’s the problem we’re well on our way to solve!

What’s the central element in the culture you’re shaping at MyPick?
Creating social impact will always be in our DNA as founders of MyPick.

Coming from humble beginnings makes you want to give back when given the opportunity, and what better way to do that than with a company that per definition creates value for all involved.

👉 Social impact also drives sustainability which we see as a prerequisite for long-term growth and profitability.

Creating a radical change, like what we are doing in the healthcare sector, takes time and lots of grit which makes it even more important to bring passion to the table and love what you do.

Being excellent and putting in the hours in whatever you do while having fun are not contradictions in our world but rather the foundation of greatness when wrestling with an old industry.

What are you most excited about for 2021?
Since our launch in January 2019, MyPick has helped global healthcare providers (such as Sweden’s biggest private healthcare provider Capio), doctors, and nurses to sign assignments worth €7mn.

Working with a subsidiary to Capios (Ramsay Health Care), with 480 facilities in 11 countries, this year is all about growth. Just locally we have had an overwhelming number of clinics that joined MyPick the past month with more to come in 2021.

Through all of this, we are most excited to see that our users share our vision that relationships should be built between the healthcare providers and personnel, NOT with costly middlemen.

By closing the gap between healthcare providers and personnel we hope that we will be better prepared for future pandemics where the need to mobilize doctors and nurses on a global scale might help us avoid the nightmare like the one caused by Covid-19.”